The open source tools for MELCOR post processing, developed by Petr Vokáč, have been updated. The original code has been patched for full compatibility with gnuplot-4.6.0- The default guplot terminal has been set to qt. 
rpm-2073 meltools-120721-1.x86_64 120721-1 HOT
Open Source tools for MELCOR post processing
Freeware Author-2073;Francesco Teodori Website-2073Website link_extern-2073 Date-2073Saturday, 21 July 2012 17:41 System-2073  Apple iOS File Size-2073 88.57 KB Download-2073 649 Download
rpm-2077 meltools-120721-1.i586 120721-1 HOT
Open Source tools for MELCOR post processing.
Freeware Author-2077;Francesco Teodori Website-2077Website link_extern-2077 Date-2077Monday, 23 July 2012 12:22 System-2077  Apple iOS File Size-2077 87.25 KB Download-2077 664 Download

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