I moved definitely to Linux in 1999, both for work and entertainment. I had some experiences with Mandriva, Red Hat and Gentoo, however SuSE Linux, now openSuSE, is the distribution that I found best tailored to my needs. Here you can see some screenshots from my Laptop running openSuSE 11.1 with compiz-fusion and KDE 4.2.3.

Some other screenshots from my older laptop with openSuSE 10.2 and metisse. The installation was not straightforward but I had success:

Listed below are the main reasons why I moved to Linux
  • Linux has legendary stability. Blue screens are unknown; crashes, very rare.
  • Linux is ideal for networking: I can freely set up a functional and stable router, firewall, Web server, mail server, or FTP server right out of the box.
  • Linux can talk with many other systems, including Windows, NetWare and Sun. It supports multiple-processes and multi-processors, and a variety of file systems.
  • Low resource requirements.
  • Linux gives choice from GUIs and shells to everything. The range of applications is huge, and powerful package management systems exist.
  • Linux is reliable, secure, easily upgradeable, and has an open design, logical file system layout and supportive community, which make it a zero-maintenance system
  • Linux comes with the world’s best compilers and development tools, complete with version control software.
  • Linux is free, can be shared with everyone.

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